“I just wanted to thank you for offering the restorative yoga workshop. It put me in touch with a depth of peace and comfort I have not experienced in a very long time.” Alison

“I have attended Marian’s classes since 2012, and as a yoga teacher myself, I really appreciate the way she provides a wonderfully calm centering practice. Her experience enables her to easily adapt her classes to what is needed by her students at the time, changing from a dynamic flow to a more introspective restorative practice as required. The quality of her voice is supportive and calming and her instructions are both insightful and precise, ensuring a safe and easeful practice. I am always ready to stay longer in meditation at the end of Marian’s class, the sure sign of a complete practice.” Michael

“I really enjoy your yoga classes – some yoga instructors teach yoga, but you embody yoga,  from this your classes have a lovely creative flow. You seem to always be receptive to the energy levels and abilities of each class. I really like your gentle energy, but at the same time you take a positive lead and give clear instruction.” Anna

“Thank you for your classes – they are just the ticket mid-week – strong and stretchy in a mindful way. You are a responsive and affirming teacher and your explanations are just so clear – I feel that I can achieve the postures more accurately. with greater understanding and with increasing confidence.” Maree

“I just wanted to thank you for being such a wonderful yoga instructor these past few years. I had never practiced yoga before, and you have transformed me into a confident practitioner! Especially thank you for your additional support and guidance during my pregnancy and antenatal period.” Charlotte

“I’ve so enjoyed the restorative yoga and look forward to more classes. Bronwyn has talked non-stop about the class – your care of her made a big impact. Thank you” Lucy

“Thank you for the wonderful Thursday night yoga classes, your welcoming smile and gentle guidance for my introduction to the yoga universe” Louise

“I first attended restorative yoga with Marian last year – from the very first class, I noticed positive change in my body. I have attended Marian’s class every month since and I can say, for me it has truly been life changing. I have worked in extremely stressful roles for some time and the toll on my body has been significant. Through restorative yoga with Marian, I have noticed more flexibility and less pain in my body and probably most important a positive change in my thinking and outlook. There is something in what Marian does and in the effect of the deep nerve repair in restorative yoga that is pure magic. Thank you Marian, I am truly grateful for you and your classes.” Lyn